134.7 MWp photovoltaic power plant project: Environmental impact assessment

134.7 MWp photovoltaic power plant project: Environmental impact assessment


EDF Energies Nouvelles is planning on submitting building permit application files for a 134.7 MWp photovoltaic power plant project to be constructed on the former Air Base Toul-Rosieres (520 ha). An environmental impact assessment is required as part of the building permit application and its implementation was entrusted to Antea Group, responsible for all environmental aspects. This study should reflect the efforts and measures taken into account by the project owner to facilitate the integration of environmental concerns into the overall design of the project, in order to reduce or offset the impacts generated by the project.


For this study, Antea Group worked with external experts for the fauna and flora and the landscape components. Antea Group mostly played its role to provide advice and support to the client throughout the process of preparing the file, by assisting in meetings with the administration on the one hand, and on the other hand by establishing effective communication between the client and the experts (internal, external) involved in the project so that ecological, environmental landscape and urban planning constraints could be taken into account in conditions which are technico-economically acceptable to the client.


The initial project has evolved:

  • by a reduction of the space used to preserve the habitats of protected fauna and plant species,
  • in compliance with regulatory requirements (protection of drinking water catchments, distance from roads, etc..),
  • with a desire to integrate the site into the landscape,
  • in order to preserve stormwater natural flow patterns, resulting in the preservation of undeveloped space around these flow patterns.

The initial surface of 520 ha was reduced to 367 ha.
Since the French administration has received the application file, it has given the client favorable comments on the project.