Accretion areas of 50 priority abstractions of Adour-Garonne Basin

Accretion areas of 50 priority abstractions of Adour-Garonne Basin


The directive 2000/60/CE settle objectives to reach by 2015 for better quality of water drinking ressources.

The Water Law (dec. 2006) created safety areas for quantitative and qualitative  accretion water well areas to fight against farmland and non farmland pollution.

During the French Environment Round Table, a national water well classification have been made.

The study groupment (Antea Group, Calligee, Ginger) have been in charge by the Water Agency to delimitate the accretion basins of Adour Garonne and caracterize their vulnerability to large area pollution.


Antea Group, leader of the groupement has provided the following services:

  • Data collection, analysis and synthesis to set up a classification of  structures,  depending on the informations and investigations to do;
  • Further investigations – pumping tests, inventories, piezometry, drillings, geophysics measurments);
  • Definition of accretion areas using specific methodology depending on the aquifer environment;
  • Definition of the vulnerability for each accretion area;
  • Development and using of a methodology for the surface water vulnerability;
  • Set up of a geographic information system  including accretion areas, vulnerability of the 50 water well spread on all Adour-Garonne basin.


Determination of accretion areas for 50 priority water well and their vulnerability in a short notice.

The following step based on the results consist in doing a diagnostic on each farming and non-farming pressure water well  and set up actions to reduce input.