Audit prior to rafinery cession

Audit prior to rafinery cession


Aim :

  • Study on site Environmental current situation
  • Management plan for depollution operations costing/ budget


Component of the strategy :

  • Backround study of the site and documentation research
  • Diagnostic including :
     >  Roughly 600 analysis (soils, water, gas, sediment)
     >  Pumping tests,
     >  Tests on capacity of biodegradation
  • Management plan including :
  •  >  Area/ zone scenario studies on quantity to treat, technics, cost
     >  Pollution datation
     >  Study on pollution : rate for pollution coming from war


  • Antea Group set up a project team with an experimented customer representative and an building operations manager
  • 5 simultaneous drilling works
  • Statistics analysis for obtained results
  • Correlation between results and historic data.


Rapport apportant les réponses pragmatiques et opérationnelles, optimisées du point de vue technique et financier, satisfaisant à la fois les parties « vendeur » et « acheteur ». Ces réponses permettent de sécuriser l’acquisition du site.