Caracterization of Domestic Waste

Caracterization of Domestic Waste


  • Standardization of services provided by the 5 contractors in charge of the operational carrying out of the waste
  • Updating of the national data on waste produced in France for the ADEME and requested by the MEDAD, the AMF ( French Mayors Association), Eco-Emballages® (“green  packaging’s”)  and the FNADE (French professional organisation representing the rehabilitation of polluted sites and environment activities)
  • Determination of the part of recyclable materials on domestic and economic activities wastes 
  • Identification of the portion of waste from economic activities in household waste
  • Analysis of the waste received by recycling centres


  • Assistance to the client on the operation and on the results of the project
  • Training of the contractors and the client to the new procedures
  • Definition of the operation procedures by the 5 contractors  in charge of the operational carrying out of the waste characterization campaign 
  • Campaign organization
  • Implementation of work instructions, information sheets and procedures
  • Planning of the entire mission and monitoring of the intervention schedule of the various service providers
  • Operational monitoring and piloting


Antea Group solutions had driven to an improvement of the prevention of the production of domestic waste by supporting ADEME following two main directions:

  • Standardization of the operation procedures,
  • Increase of waste identification and analysis.