Creation of EcoCentre la Tuilerie

Creation of EcoCentre la Tuilerie


As part of cost management and departmental domestic waste disposal of Aisne, VALOR’AISNE had decided to acquire a waste recovery and treatment center including landfill for non dangerous waste, a biogas valorization installation, a transit center in the south of the department as there is no more burial capacity.

At the end of a project management contest in 2006, the syndicate chosen Antea Group groupment (with Opus Environnement and Impact Qualité Environnementale) to manage the project.


The groupement, under Antea Group leading,  design and follow-up all work construction of the EcoCenter “La Tuilerie” including:

  • a facility for storage of Non Dangerous Waste, 2 000 000 m3 for 20 years
  • a transit center for waste and cell for glass waste
  • needed for operation technical equipment (basin for raining water, leachate basin)


The conception had run from 2006 to 2008. The prefectorial order was delivered in july 2008. The site started working in March 2010, after 10 months of works construction.

The energy consumption is controled thanks to fitting building materials and solar panels.
The Biogas is also treated to turn into electricity.
The site is ecologically built and sustainable.
Fauna and flora had been protected, 1 200 trees put into ground, and 26 500 shrubs planted.
After running 20 years, the site will be returning to nature.