Development of a waste treatment scheme in Congo

Development of a waste treatment scheme in Congo

Dolisie is the third largest city in the Republic of Congo and has a population of 100,000. As the administrative centre of the Niari province, Dolisie is a major crossroads located near the borders with Gabon, the Cabinda exclave (Angola) and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Furthermore, the RN1 road linking the capital city, Brazzaville, and the oil port of Pointe-Noire runs through Dolisie.

This city has a high potential for economic growth and, as other cities in the country, is lacking suitable sanitation systems. However, it has demonstrated a keen willingness to become a local showcase in terms of environmental management. To do so, city officials have decided to develop a waste treatment scheme in line with international environmental protection standards.


Antea Group was therefore selected to carry out this project which has received funds from the French Treasury Department (Ministry of Finance together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) as part of a Fonds d’Etude et d’Aide au Secteur Privé (FASEP) (private sector aid fund). A monitoring group consisting of the French Treasury Department, ADEME International (French environment and energy management agency) and a dozen French companies was set up in order to monitor the project. This will allow them to better position themselves during the next phase of construction works and operation of the new facilities.

The project will include the following studies:

•          Assessment of the current situation for waste management and its overall scheme;
•          Carry out of a market research on waste recovery options;
•          Support to the client during the selection of option(s)
•          Selection of locations for the siting of the treatment centre(s)
•          Design of the waste treatment and/or disposal units
•          Preparation of tender documents for the construction and operation of the new system.

Duration : July 2014 – February 2016
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