Hydraulic works on the Mount Saint-Michel Project

Hydraulic works on the Mount Saint-Michel Project


Committed in the studies before starting the project, Antea Group has been member of the engineering consultants team for the project management of the construction of a dam on the Couesnon river, one of the very important structures of the hydraulic system.

The Joint Council of the bay of the Mount Saint-Michel then decided to chose Antea Group to lead the enginnering consultants team for the the conception of the hydraulic infrastructures aiming at restoring the maritime character of the Mount.


Based on a planning and digital hydraulic and physical modeling plan development, Antea Group teams had to consider both hydraulic objectives, geotechnic issues, site environmental situation, works organisation compatible with touritic flows and tides; still respecting site regulations and budget allowance.


Antea Group has won the 2010 national engineering grand prize for the realization of the new dam, and have just finalized  the project design for the hydraulic infrastructures upstream and downstream of the dam, before starting the mission on the work phase that should be finished by the touristic season of 2015.

This project uses more than 2 millions m3  for settlement and valorization of the site, in a sustainable vision and a special environmental context.