Implementation of water rural supply project in sub-urban areas of N’Djamena

Implementation of water rural supply project in sub-urban areas of N’Djamena


Due to their remote situation and their limited access to the main road infrastructures of N'Djamena city some of the sub-urban areas of N'Djamena suffer from the lack of sufficient infrastructures (water and power supplies, dedicated activity areas, commercial centers).

In order to improve the situation the municipality of N'Djamena decided to undertake concrete actions in five (5) of those sub-urban areas.

The main project was carried out in 2001/2002. It was followed up after commissioning of all facilities by monitoring/ evaluation missions (November 2002, March 2003, August 2004).

The project is funded by AFD (French Agency for Development).


The project components:

  • Assistance to the Municipality of N'Djamena (drafting of tender documents for facilities, evaluation of tenders)
  • Project implementation
    • Preliminary and detailed design of construction works
    • Drafting of tender documents for works (boreholes, pumping equipment, roads, power supply…).
  • Supervision, co-ordination, planning, financial and technical control of works, provisional and final acceptance of works.
  • Accompanying actions
    • Awareness raising and training of users, associations in charge of sites management
    • Support and monitoring of all equipment operation after their commissioning, 
    • Evaluation and follow up of incentive actions for development of sites economical activities.


The objectives of the project was to build in each sub-urban site : piped water supply systems, roads, a commercial center and to install a small scale power grid network.
That had been possible thanks to Antea Group concrete solutions.