National rural water supply master plan (

National rural water supply master plan ("Programme Budget")- Benin


The general objective is the sustainable improvement of water supply and sanitation for the rural population of Benin, in the framework of the Millenium objectives for development. The project is funded by AFD.

The programme is organized in three components:

  • Component A: Contribution to the financial and technical programming
  • Component B: Institutional capacity building
    • Support to the  development of the "Objective Programme Budget" approach and methods
    • Assistance to the administrative decentralisation
  • Component C: Technical Assistance for the elaboration of strategy and policy to develop the sustainable management of piped water supply systems in major villages.


  • Technical Assistance to the General Directorate of Water (DGH) applied to the three project components
  • Development of water supply and sanitation investment plans for the 6 municipalities forming the "Collines" district. 
  • Elaboration of investment studies, technical specifications and procurement documents for the construction of 540 new rural water wells, the extension and rehabilitation of 45 piped water supply systems. 
  • Supervision of construction works for the above mentioned programme. 
  • Conception and set up of new water supply and sanitation management structures. 
  • General advisory services, organisation of workshops and participation to various task forces and steering committees.


Out of technical knowledge and particular focus on the transfer of authority from DGH to the municipalities, the realizations aim to allow 135 000 more people to have access to drinking water in the “Collines” district, and rehabilitate 45 piped water supply system.