Regional Program of Solar Energy Hydraulics in Niger

Regional Program of Solar Energy Hydraulics in Niger


The project aims at improving drinking water distribution and quality for rural populations in 75 rural centers, through a water and sustainable and efficient sanitation public service.

This project is funded by the European Union.


  • Activity 1 : assistance to the engineering team with the debate of water public service and sanitation, and the drafting of regulatory texts and legislation regarding solar-powered drinking water supply, organization of workshops and seminars.
  • Activities 2 and 3 : Designing studies, preparation of call for tender dossiers, assistance to the engineering team with the analysis of offers and procurement procedures (consulting firms, companies, suppliers), elaboration of annual “programme estimates”, control of provided services :
    - Rehabilitation/ reinforcement of 43 rural water supply, extensions on 5 sites
    - 31 new boreholes,
    - 32 new rural water supply with tanks, 40 km of pipes and 145 public water-points
  • Activity 4 : assistance to engineering team with the creation of “Controlling and Advice office” and training of its staff, design and supervision of accompagnying actions (organization, training…) of exploitation, management and maintenance of rural water supply systems.


  • 175 000 people have access to drinking water through solar-powered installations (improved or new),
  • 99 solar-powered rural water supply systems are working,
  • Creation of 75 Water Users Associations, and training of their members and managers.