Stabilization work at Pointe du Hoc

Stabilization work at Pointe du Hoc


The cliff eroded naturally and moved back about ten meters in the past 60 years.

The historical vestiges located at the top of the Pointe du Hoc are now threatened by this erosion. ABMC‘s objective is to preserve these historic resources and to secure the site for the visitors. The stabilization works aim at protecting and securing the blockhaus, which allows it to reopen by the end of 2010.

Up until 2010, the observation post (blockhouse) located at Pointe du Hoc was threatening to fall into the sea.

The works involve strengthening the cliff base by filling cavities using natural materials that do not alter the landscape.


The basement of the observation post is consolidated through the establishment of rigid inclusions in order to confine the land supporting the blockhouse. All work is done on a sensitive site with respect to the environment (marine) and the landscape (site receiving 500,000 visitors per year).

The works are carried out from the top of the cliff by workmen specialized in rope access works. All construction equipment is led down at the cliff base using a 180 T crane and is brought back up according to the tides.

Stabilization works of the cliff include:

• Filling of cavities at the cliff base

• Stabilization of intermediate parts of the cliff

• Stabilization of the highest part of the cliff

• Drainage of surface waters


Management and drafting of the regulatory filings (Following the statutory procedures, the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea). Organization and setting up a dialogue for competitive contractors. Assistance in the preparation of the tender dossier. Monitoring and supervision of construction. operations of temporary and final acceptance of the works.