Sustainability and innovative energetic solutions for PRESQU’ILE

Sustainability and innovative energetic solutions for PRESQU’ILE


The rehabilitation project PRESQU’ILE SCIENTIFIQUE is planned for 250 ha, a fifth of Grenoble City (France), and on the rivers confluence (Drac Isere).

The aim is to make this industrial and scientific research area a part of the city. To reach this objective, a waste water sanitation phase is necessary, with an environmental approach of urbanism.

The present industries pay attention to the energetic character of this area, which is about to become a demonstrator in this field.


Strategic orientations are provided on:

  • geothermic integration on the area, thermal waste recovery, low temperature network, connexion with biomass structure, photovoltaics through smart network,
  • raining water, sanitation, waste, risk management,
  • many of the project with subsoil are treated with a 4d modeling.


During all the design phase, as well as the operating phase, the principal objective was to reach an energetic equilibrium into the area.
A monitoring with an instrument pannel including all pertinent indicators, which are energy and all different impacts.

Those technical new results will allow future extension of preferred options on 3 areas currently under development  
The project is now proposed by national program: ECOCITé.