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Antea Group announces its intention to acquire Groupe IRH Environnement

19 November 2015

Antea France SAS (depending from the holding company Oranjewoud N.V.) has signed a preliminary agreement in order to acquire all the shares of Groupe IRH Environnement.

Groupe IRH Environnement is one of the first French independent environmental engineering companies working through 2 operational subsidiaries: IRH Ingénieur Conseil (IRH IC) and ICF Environnement (ICF). The company, through  its 400  qualified engineers, technicians and staff members, proposes services to governmental and local communities, industrial and real estate sectors in the field of water, air, soil, energy and sustainable development. Its two subsidiaries develop their activities within three main fields: air and water sampling measurement, drinking water and wastewater engineering services (IRH IC), and contaminated soil and groundwater remediation expertise, including turn-key projects (ICF). 2014 revenue is about 40 m€.

Antea Group is expecting numerous synergies from this potential acquisition. There are 3 main domains in which value creation is expected to be tangible: First, the wastewater treatment design skils, a historical knowledge of IRH IC, is expected to be developed internationally on specific growing markets, strongly strengthening the competences of the group on the “small water cycle”. Second, IRH IC is offering measurement and control services to a large portfolio of recurrent public and private clients, to which Antea Group would now be able to offer a large range of other diversified services. Third, the combination of Antea Group portfolio and the competences of ICF in terms of turnkey soil remediation projects would enable a strong development including in international business.

The closing of the operation is expected to take place before end of 2015.