Assessment, Exploitation and Management of Water Resources

Assessment, Exploitation and Management of Water Resources

Faced with growing water needs, over-exploitation and degradation of resources, approaches to restore a good quantitative and qualitative condition for water bodies have been initiated. Furthermore, operating new resources must be carried out within the framework of a reasoned approach which respects the environment. Whether water is drinking, industrial or agricultural water, reinforcing or developing its use must be done through a global, expert approach. This includes a relevant evaluation of the resource, safe and efficient means to operate it, and a management and protection policy in line with a global territorial vision.

Your Needs

  • Secure and supply you with drinking, thermal, process water...
  • Optimize your water consumption and make informed technical and economic choices.
  • Have access to counsel and expertise to work within a global approach which respects the environment, and protects your water resource.
  • Create new catchment works and obtain the relevant administrative authorization.
  • Rehabilitate water catchment works and improve their productivity.
  • Manage water quality when faced with threats.
  • Characterize, approve, operate a very sensitive resource such as mineral, thermal and bottled water.
  • Draw up the necessary regulatory documents.

Our Know-how

  • Search for and evaluate groundwater and surface water resources.
  • Provide project management for water catchment, protection and treatment equipment.
  • Provide you with assistance for the implementation and performance monitoring of water production facilities.
  • Draw up regulatory documents for water search and exploitation.
  • Design, build and operate remote management units.
  • Rehabilitate, maintain and decommission existing equipment.
  • Establish drinking water supply blueprints and assist you with public service delegation.
  • Conduct studies concerning protection perimeters, catchment supply, and multi-pressure territorial diagnosis.
  • Provide assistance with project ownership and draw up funding research documents.
  • Provide resource monitoring services.