Civil Engineering & Structures

Civil Engineering & Structures

The desire to develop the national territory’s attractiveness and to improve the populations’ living environment is fostering multiple development projects: construction of new works, rehabilitation and renovation of ancient works, reconversion of brownfield sites, securing and development of natural sites... Our experts will assist you with all these issues, from assessment to project management of design and execution, and drafting regulatory documents.

Your Needs

  • Promote hereditaments and improve the living environment.
  • Diagnose existing works and optimize maintenance and renovation investments.
  • Draw up regulatory documents and receive assistance during the consultation phase of public investigations.
  • Improve the attractiveness of natural sites.
  • Optimize your investments within a sustainable development rationale.

Our Know-how

  • Diagnose structures in compliance with current recommendations (CEREMA, IFFSTAR, IRSTEA…).
  • Design civil engineering works projects: tunnels, bridges, linear structures, hydraulic structures…
  • Calculate and justify structures, including under seismic pressure.
  • Draw up regulatory documents and prepare works management plans.
  • Implement multidisciplinary approaches combining: asbestos removal, remediation, deconstruction, stormwater management, renewable energies, backfill optimization, geotechnical engineering, waste management and recovery, urban planning…
  • Ensure design and execution project management.