Engineering Consulting

Engineering Consulting

For us, what makes a quality equipment, development, or infrastructure, is first of all its perfect adaptation for the use for which it is destined: its «self evidence». Its sustainability and attractiveness depend upon its proper implementation and its ease of care and maintenance: its «technicality». Its landscape and architectural aspect, and the role it plays in giving the living environment its identity all contribute to its «beauty». Our capacity to listen and our mastery of different thinking levels (as a result of the multidisciplinary expertise of our teams) allow us to successfully meet local challenges.

Your Needs

  • Receive assistance throughout your project by bringing together all the players via an interactive and evolutionary approach.
  • Have an integrated landscape-water-energy-waste approach for your projects.
  • Design your structures, infrastructure, equipments and spaces, by integrating a well-adapted and reactive operational management to them.
  • Materialize your ideas and expectations in terms of urban and landscape projects.

Our Know-how

  • Genuinely save by developing short supply circuits: soil recycling, renewable energies.
  • Draw up technical documents pertaining to every stage of the project.
  • Ensure operational implementation through strategic and technical management.
  • Make our engineers’ synergies available to you: hydraulic engineers, environment specialists, infrastructure, waste, geotechnicians, hydrogeologists, architects, urban planners and landscape artists.
  • Incorporate universal accessibility into your projects.
  • Commit to be available for you in order to ensure your projects’ quality from design to implementation, and management monitoring.