Hydraulic and Flood-control Infrastructure

Hydraulic and Flood-control Infrastructure

Antea Group participates in all surface water issues, from drawing up planning documents on a territorial basis to designing and building the works necessary for an infrastructure project. Beyond the technical aspects, we integrate regulatory and environmental dimensions within our projects. We also have intensive calculation means for significant modeling and mapping.

Your Needs

  • Draw up planning, orientation or management documents pursuant to the Water Framework Directive.
  • Integrate surface water into land-use, infrastructure and urban planning projects.
  • Reduce runoff and flooding risks on a local or global scale.
  • Design hydraulic infrastructure to limit risks of low flow and flooding.
  • Create tools for decision-making, forecasting and prevention of floods.
  • Comply with regulations or restore existing sites and works, restore effective drainage, restore shorelines...

Our Know-how

  • Define action programs to meet good groundwater status objectives.
  • Conduct a quantitative and qualitative survey of water resources: minimum biological discharge, instream flow, volumes to be abstracted, report resources / samplings, evaluation of discharge impact...
  • Assess water environments: improvement of streams, ecological continuity, bodies of water, sediment dynamics, river dynamics.
  • Define flood risk: catchment study and establishment of regulatory areas.
  • Manage stormwater in urban areas and on industrial sites.
  • Design flood control works in both rural and urban areas.
  • Carry out studies of hazards and damage to levees and dams.
  • Study sediment and river dynamics.
  • Provide project management for the construction of hydraulic infrastructure.
  • Draw up regulatory documents (documents concerning water legislation, impact assessment...).