Permitting, audits & consulting

Permitting, audits & consulting

The effects of an installation, infrastructure or development on natural environments and local populations are taken into account in the impact assessment provided by the project owner. Foremost among those is the impact on natural environment, fauna, flora as well as the health and accident risks associated with the exposure of populations.

Your Needs

  • Obtain an authorization to operate the site.
  • Secure your industrial investments and reduce your maintenance and operating costs.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements linked to administrative authorizations by assessing all environmental impacts.
  • Assess, prioritize and provide decision-making elements with regards to benchmarking scales.
  • Participate in decision-making with a impact and hazard reduction approach.

Our Know-how

  • Provide you with assistance for the acquisition and disposal (Due Diligence).
  • Conduct Quantitative Risk Assessments.
  • Audit compliance and conduct regulatory monitoring for HSE.
  • Assess health risks and pollutant impact.
  • Calculate IPCE financial guarantees.
  • Draw up safety reports, especially for sites of potential major accidents (SEVESO sites).
  • Analyze risks (e.g. HAZOP, AMDEC…).
  • Model accident phenomena and map effects.
  • Advise you with regards to REACH (chemicals) regulation.
  • Conduct carbon and greenhouse gas emission assessments.
  • Provide you with assistance to draw up Safety Management Systems, Internal Emergency Plans (POI: Plan d’Opération Interne), and training materials.
  • Identify your needs and provide you with solutions in terms of environmental data management.
  • Draw up basic reports, documents pertaining to compliance and additional review of listed sites.
  • Assist you with communication.
  • Provide you with assistance in exchanges with the administration.