Sustainable Territories & Cities

Sustainable Territories & Cities

Energy efficiency and risk management lie at the heart of all thinking for our teams of urban planners, landscape architects and engineers. They design neighborhoods and developments which make short supply circuits a reality, thus creating a genuine source of cost savings, in order to sustainably manage the spaces created.

Your Needs

  • Define recycling conditions for your brownfield sites.
  • Produce your mobility and parking plan.
  • Make your open spaces universally accessible to the public.
  • Prevent flood risks.
  • Develop partnerships, creativity and consultation.

Our Know-how

  • Define urban planning with regards to housing, equipment, services and commercial establishments, taking demographic changes into account.
  • Draw up all regulatory land use planning documents: impact assessments, documents for commercial activity areas and subdivisions, planning permission, urban projects in partnership...
  • Prevent floods through integrated agricultural hydraulic installations and afforestations.
  • Implement a consultation strategy for urban and landscape projects.