Turnkey Decontamination & Project Management

Turnkey Decontamination & Project Management

Within the contaminated site management policy, remediation works are a solution amongst many. The idea is therefore to offer this solution after weighing all its benefits and drawbacks. These often depend upon space and time constraints, especially with regards to urban renewal projects.

Your Needs

  • Secure degraded sites.
  • Treat, decontaminate, monitor.
  • Receive assistance in exchanges with the administration.
  • Search for financing and subsidies.

Our Know-how

  • Conduct pilot trials, secure a choice of techniques, decontamination objectives, works budgets.
  • Provide owner assistance in the pollution treatment and/or demolition works, aid in the definition of the treatment process need, search for the engineering consultant (project manager) or the works contractor.
  • Assist you with regards to the players concerned (administrations, associations, communities, funders).
  • Conduct project management for remediation works (project definition), draw up the contractor call for tender document (assistance with works contracting, works management), accept works (acceptance certificate).
  • Master all soil and groundwater treatment techniques, demolition techniques, while managing risks related to the works, designing and sizing treatment processes.
  • Install necessary treatment equipments, put into operation and set treatment parameters.
  • Conduct remediation works: off-site disposal of contaminated soil, treatment of soil, water and gas...
  • Monitor and conduct analytical controls of the treatment’s efficiency through regular sampling of discharges and environments to remediate.