Waste Management & Recovery

Waste Management & Recovery

Antea Group promotes collecting and sorting waste to turn it into an economic dynamo for neighborhoods and cities, and to improve quality of life.We provide you with technical answers that best meet the environmental challenges linked to waste recycling, through optimized recovery and treatment.

Your Needs

  • Define a waste management scheme, from collection to treatment.
  • Recover and treat waste.
  • Analyze and manage industrial waste.
  • Store waste.
  • Biologically recover waste.
  • Recover materials, develop reemployment and recover energy from waste.

Our know-how

  • Characterize waste deposits.
  • Optimize collection: collective management, waste recovery processes and selection of operators.
  • Conduct regulatory studies (DDAE).
  • Optimize and master costs.
  • Aggregate / reduce expenses: landfills, recycling depots, sorting centers and transfer centers.
  • Select equipments and transportation methods: road, river, rail...
  • Assist you with feasibility programming, implementation and assessment.
  • Assist you with project management and engineering consulting.
  • Assist you legally and financially.