Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Local authorities and manufacturers must meet the challenge of adapting their water treatment infrastructure upstream from use (filtration, iron removal, active carbon treatment...) but also downstream (urban or industrial waste water treatment) before returning it to its receiving environment. Furthermore, sustainably implementing these equipments requires a global approach for water and energy management inside plants. This approach integrates water production and savings, energy cycle management, pollution reduction at source, specific treatment and internal recycling, on which the choice of treatment system rests.

Your Needs

  • Assess the technical feasibility and size your water treatment works.
  • Know and optimize water and energy use, and effluent discharges.
  • Conduct technical expertise within the framework of installation audits.
  • Establish a specific program concerning water and energy savings by combining treatment and energy recovery.
  • Design and size drinking water treatment works or supply production processes with quality water.
  • Diagnose water treatment plants.
  • Meet regulatory demands with regards to sampling, treatment, consumption and discharges.

Our Know-how

  • Analyze technical, regulatory, contractual and economic constraints for the water cycle.
  • Provide you with assistance in your search for funding, and assist you with public service delegation and contract management.
  • Audit, diagnose and optimize existing facilities.
  • Conduct measurement campaigns, pollution evaluations and specific internal audits.
  • Conduct hydraulic and thermal evaluations, process water recycling studies, and suggest reduction measures at source.
  • Provide you with assistance in selecting a treatment system, size water treatment and purification facilities.
  • Provide project management for facility construction, from draft until work is accepted.
  • Study discharge impact and draw up regulatory documents.