Our planet is facing major environmental challenges: climate disturbances, floods, water scarcity, pollution, loss of biodiversity… Mastering technology now seems key to preserving the environment.

The demand for mastering our industrial activity's impacts continues to grow, fueled by the accidents sweeping through our societies. The capacity of businesses to demonstrate that whatever the risks are, they are identified, known, monitored and mastered, is becoming increasingly important with regards to third party appreciation and valuation of the company.

Antea Group provides guidance to all economic players with regards to their risk prevention and treatment approaches.  

Furthermore, there is a growing concern to take into consideration the negative effects generated by soil and water pollution.  Beyond its effects on health, the environment and economic activity, any pollution, even a minor one, has consequences for the business, in financial, administrative or criminal terms, which can have an impact on its sustainability.

Antea Group is particularly well-qualified to meet these new demands. As leader in assessing environmental impact, we possess a wide expertise in subsoil-related engineering, studies and counsel. Furthermore, we have been certified since December 2013 under the NFX 31-620 standard pertaining to "services for polluted sites and soils".

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