"Rapid urbanization has become one of the main challenges that the international community has to face." (Kofi Annan)

From the prevention of natural risks to the foundation of complex structures, and undergrounds structures, dikes, dams and port facilities, Antea Group has developed a unique experience in geotechnics.

Preserving the environment cannot hide the fact that world population and urbanization are growing. The combination of these realities have led to the implementation of policies with regards to urban planning, transport infrastructure development, communication, water or energy supply, which are necessary to human activities. Such infrastructures also participate in preserving our resources. 

Natural hazards may, in sensitive natural environments, threaten both these infrastructures and man; thus it becomes necessary to intervene to ensure a sustainable balance.

Lastly, the commitment to safeguard our heritage can also lead us to intervene on sites historically degraded by the presence of man, which can only be restored through today's techniques and awareness.

Mastering risks linked to soil and subsoil is one of the founding activities at Antea Group. Our expertise has continuously improved to become widely recognized today. It is supplemented by a geomechanical test lab and an instrumentation service.

Eric Antoinet
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