"In certain parts of the world, global warming will lead to water shortages, drought and increasingly larger deserts. In other parts, there will be more rain, storms and floods."  — Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Swedish Prime Minister, opening speech for the Water Summit in Stockholm, 2006.

Water is the greatest challenge for centuries to come. This statement, which seemed obvious until now for developing countries, is now evident with climate change becoming an ever increasing concern for rich countries. Indeed, because water is essential for human, animal and plant life, and an energy carrier, which can sometimes be threatening or dangerous, it has become increasingly pervasive in man's daily life and in his relationship with nature. 

Man thus carries several responsibilities for years to come, in all parts of the world: 

  • As " Consumer", he must ensure a carefully planned and respectful use of underground and surface water, whether he consumes water directly, treats it to make it drinkable or just makes use of its hydroelectric and geothermal potential. 
  • As "Inhabitant", he must assess and manage flood risks linked to the sea, waterways and runoffs, as well as design and build the necessary installations.  
  • As "User", he must implement the necessary treatments so that industrial or urban water discharge respects the quality of the natural environment.

Antea Group participates in each stage of the water cycle related to this, by mastering the solutions, and providing expertise to all the players involved in these issues.

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