Geothermal science rests on using heat found in the subsoil or in fluids circulating underground, on using heat of fluids from industrial processes or wastewater networks and also on developing energy geostructures. Using this energy entails a good knowledge of the subsoil, of the equipment to capture it, of metallurgy and the corrosion of fluids that can be aggressive, and of networks to distribute this energy.

Your Needs

  • Contribute to diversifying energy resources in your projects.
  • Know what geothermal resources are available in your territory or process, and what are its technical and regulatory access conditions.
  • Design devices to capture a geothermal resource for heating and cooling residential or industrial buildings.
  • Have access to a technical and economic evaluation of the various solutions.
  • Find funding assistance for studies and / or investments.
  • Master technological, financial and environmental risks linked with operating the resource.

Our Know-how

  • Validate the energy needs that have been communicated.
  • Audit, evaluate and provide counsel with regards to existing facilities.
  • Provide you with assistance for your project ownership or your project management.
  • Study the different resources available for a local or global project.
  • Study techniques and financing for geothermal projects and select the best solution.
  • Design and build heating and cooling systems using a heat pump with a groundwater table.
  • Design, provide project management and create geothermal probe fields, energy geostructures, or deep geothermal drilling (2000m).
  • Evaluate geothermal drillings, design, provide project management and conduct their rehabilitation.
  • Recover energy from wastewater and water treatment stations.
  • Draw up administrative and regulatory documents.
  • Implement operation monitoring systems for facilities and integrated services to monitor their activity.