Soil Remediation

Soil Remediation

Following a sustainable development rationale, the national policy for the management of contaminated sites highlights the significance of rehabilitating brownfield sites rather than using agricultural land or natural environments. This policy emphasizes the promotion of pragmatic solutions, which take into account health and environmental issues. We bring such pragmatic solutions to you, based on our experience with our private or public clients, and derived from many French and foreign sites.

Your Needs

  • Increase the real estate value of your site and monitor its evolution.
  • Assess the environmental impact of your activity.
  • Make your site compatible with a reconversion project.
  • Sell your site quickly following its closure.
  • Redevelop your site by obtaining a rapid approval from the administration.

Our Konw-how

  • Assemble activity closure documents.
  • Assist you with regards to the players concerned (administrations, associations, communities, funders).
  • Study the history of the sites.
  • Conduct drillings, soil, water, gas and ambient air sampling and analysis.
  • Conduct environmental assessments of industrial sites and brownfields.
  • Draw up the regulatory calculations and documents (IEM - Interpretation of environmental conditions report, Management Plan, EQRS - Quantitative assessment of health risks, ARR - Analysis of residual risks, easement documents).
  • Study the risks and implement modeling (hydro-dispersible, aerodispersible...).
  • Map and manage databases.
  • Study the development of industrial sites.
  • Search for constructors-developers of urban projects on brownfield sites.
  • Draw up documents for restricted use or for easements.
  • Bring in the expertise of a third party and legal backing.
  • Assist you with communication.