Territorial Strategy & Planning

Territorial Strategy & Planning

The evolution of territorial organization provides for the transfer of powers between municipalities, groups of municipalities, population catchment areas, metropolitan areas, State and regions... This evolution therefore requires an unprecedented urban planning effort. Quality planning documents will be necessary to create real opportunities for subsidiarity to come into play within the organization of democratic life. Mobilizing local players is a token of the success that our team is committed to delivering to you.

Your needs

  • Design your Territorial Coherence Scheme.
  • Produce your Local Land Use Plan, either at the scale of a municipality or a group of municipalities.
  • Create your Local Housing Plan.
  • Perform the environmental assessment of your urban planning documents.
  • Assess your community’s policies.

Our Know-how

  • Develop economic strategy, environmental development and territorial marketing, based on the keen interest demonstrated by inhabitants and local businesses.
  • Combine environmental, energy, water, biodiversity, waste and pollution management expertises, with the dynamics of accessibility, economics, social life and heritage.