Deconstruction, Decommissioning & Asbestos Removal

Deconstruction, Decommissioning & Asbestos Removal

The removal of all or part of a construction requires compliance with different regulations (environment, urban planning, public health, labor code, construction code). All the pragmatic solutions, which take into account the health, environmental and waste recovery issues, must be integrated during the various stages of the project. Our experienced teams guarantee that your solutions will be sustainable and optimized while fully complying with these regulations.

Your Needs

  • Rehabilitate a neighborhood within the framework of an urban or a brownfield site renovation while integrating the former site’s condition with regards to constructions, network and subsoil.
  • Diagnose the potential hazard posed by different construction elements.
  • Assess the most relevant technical, economic and legal solutions.
  • Identify the best waste treatment systems.
  • Decide which rehabilitation program is best suited to limiting damage.
  • Design and coordinate the work-site for demolition and / or asbestos and lead removal.
  • Draw up the necessary regulatory documents.

Our Know-how

  • Draw up protection documents (drainage, degassing, cleaning).
  • Conduct asbestos assessments.
  • Draw up Asbestos Technical Reports (DTA - Dossiers Technique Amiante).
  • Diagnose the condition of constructions, network and subsoil.
  • Assess potential hazards.
  • Study the rehabilitation of constructions and the decommissioning.
  • Study residual exposure with regards to the site’s future use.
  • Define constraints and easements.
  • Incorporate optimum management for waste.
  • Assess rehabilitation costs.
  • Provide comprehensive project management for decommissioning and / or asbestos removal.
  • Provide assistance to the project manager from the site’s decommissioning to its redevelopment.